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wishing fish! moomins! aliens! monkeys!

love and rockets falling from the sky

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19 August
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i am a little alien hatched from a green-speckled egg and raised by my chinese parents to resemble a girl.
otherwise known as an underaged college student trying to define herself outside of an intended b.s. in physics.
occasional snotty college radio dj of punk, shoegaze, deathrock and postpunk.
astrophysics, beijing, being a moomin, boston, carnegie mellon university, civic-mindedness, deathrock, hong kong, little alien hatchlings, m00fishies, moomintrolls, moon monsters, my rat army!, nick cave, physics, shanghai, shoegazing, teacups, the brides, wrct pittsburgh 88.3fm, you are teh suck

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